Get Up Mum is out now

The Get Up Mum Melbourne launch is today at 4pm.
All welcome.
Men bring a plate.

Details HERE.

Meet my new boyhood memoir. 12-year-old Justin is keen to meet ya (but a bit shy).

Justin Heazlewood - Get Up Mum

Signed copies available from the author HERE.

Hear a conversation on RNs Life Matters.

Read an interview in The Guardian.

Hear an excerpt on Soundcloud.

Watch the trailer on YouTube.

There’s never a good time to have a baby or quit smoking or write your childhood memoir…you just have to do it.

ps I was a child carer of a parent with schizophrenia. It was very hard. I haven’t told many people. I mean, who do you tell? Who wants to know? Dunno. Maybe you? Now, through this book? Hopefully. It’s a good book. It’s an important story. It needed to come out and so do I. ❤️💧

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