• My childhood memoir ‘Get Up Mum’ will be published May 21 through Affirm Press.

Last Year

  • I had a piece published in the Good Weekend about phone boxes on October 21.
  • I played Harry Potter in the Wheeler Centre event Harry Who? The True Heroes of Hogwarts October 25 at the Athenaeum Theatre. I used to get called ‘Harry’ when I worked at the Canberra Labor Club. I was the only bloke with mid-length hair and glasses serving glasses of mid-strength.
  • Ten Melbourne writers were asked to write about ten locations around Darebin for Writing This Place. I was given Northcote Town Hall. For my piece Stella & the Elders I wanted to reflect on disability advocate Stella Young who performed her show ‘Tales From The Crip’ there. I also included some Aboriginal Dreamtime figures. It’s the first fiction I’ve written in ten years.
  • I’ll be reading my own writing at Justin Heazlewood: Selected Readings at Bella Union (Trades Hall), September 24 from 2:30pm. I’ll be joined by special guest Elizabeth Flux.
  • Four of my columns are featured in Frankie Magazine’s anthology Something To Say.
  • A piece I wrote was featured in the book Letter To My Teenage Self published by Affirm. It’s been collated by a 13 year old Melbourne schoolgirl to confront bullying. It includes contributors such as Maggie Beer, Peter Alexander and Kate Ceberano. Icecream, PJ’s & Bedroom Eyes.
  • I also have a Funemployed related piece included in Copyfight, released last year.


  • Funemployed was nominated for the Most Underrated Book award. (It’s a thing.) I presented Funemployed: The Sequel at last year’s Bigsound feat. Jen Cloher in scintillating form.
  • Crazy Bastards was nominated for Best Performance at the Online Video Awards & an AWGIE in the ‘Drama or Comedy’ category.
  • My ditty ‘I Hate Myself’ was recently featured on RN’s Earshot during mental health week. Still got it.
  • Here’s a clip of my Ode to Melbourne inspired by a John Bracks painting at the NGV.
  • Funemployed LP is out on Bandcamp and iTunes. You can hear the RN Podcasts.
  • I recently appeared at Margaret River Writers Festival, Music NT’s Intune conference and the Smith Family’s ‘We Mind Be Kind’ anti-bullying campaign in Tasmania.

Justin Heazlewood

  • Funemployed has gone into a second (de)pressing. I continue to get lovely emails from fellow artists including this one from Karen:

“You have no idea what it means to me to have someone voice so beautifully & honestly these experiences – that so reflect the story of my little unsuccessful independent 25 year career! Every page seems to reflect my own experiences,.. Every pages shines a little light on my most excruciatingly difficult ‘artist moments’ and draws conclusions I painstakingly took years to come to. In a very difficult ‘semi retirement’ stage of my career, it has been wonderful to see that I wasn’t alone all this time,.. That I did not experience these things because I am a failure or a ‘little bit shit’,.. Just someone who was not so good at playing the game! It’s a great book, well done!”

  • My wee ABC series Crazy Bastards has been remembered through a series of recently published stills.
  • A piece I made for ABC’s The Mix.
  • Amanda Palmer has given Funemployed a thorough plugging on her blog. “Perfect for artists who have been at it for years and want to read the story of someone who’s telling it like it fucking is.”
  • Funemployed was featured in Melbourne Writers Festival director Lisa Dempster’s Top 10 of the year. (Grug and the 3-D Printer narrowly missing out)
  • Funemployed also scored a touchdown on ABC’s Book Club. Marieke Hardy says: “It’s a wonderful, sad, beautiful, interesting memoir and anyone that’s working in music or art in Australia should definitely read it.”
  • Funemployed Book and EP are out and about! You can read a sample chapter The Black Cat. Here is my Eight Things They Don’t Tell You About Being An Artist. Plus a self-interview with Three Thousand and a tell-something interview with Broadsheet.
  • I made a Mix for The Lifted Brow – songs for artists.
  • Art Day! was a ripping success. I read the whole book. It ran to time. There was palpable warmth emanating from the generous hearts of Australia’s creative brethren. Ultra thanks to my wing-readers Sabrina D’Angelo & Oliver Clark. Plus resident artists Yvette Coppersmith, David Blumenstein & John Pace. Love to The Awkwardstra and Fluorescent Organs. Two thumbs up.