The adventures of Get Up Mum

💔  Collect the whole set! It’s a matchbox jigsaw cube solved by inspector astro boy. Choose your own fighting fantasy featuring cassettes, caravans, catastrophe, crackups, acoustic noodles and a country practice. Best served in a beanbag.


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“Strong and fragile and real.”
Anna Krien.

⛔️ Excess consumption may cause gut wrench.
     (Flush effected area with Deep Forest.)
Heazlewood family (FRONT COVER)

The tape orbited smoothly inside a case when docked inside the carriage of a machine. A time machine, with a knack for blasting the past.

Tape pic 1

Each morning I recorded the Get Up Mum episodes on my cassette deck.

Now I have two more tapes to add to my collection.

Thanks TDK!

Tape pic 2


Mum’s been listening to the series

🔴 She tunes in for a 4:30am repeat I didn’t know about 🔴 She laughed when we laughed at Pop’s polka dot pyjamas 🔴

🥄🥄🥄Mum had a very specific way of stirring her coffee. This is the only time it was captured on tape. Taken from ‘Nan gets back from South-West walk. GOOD’ – January 1993.


I dug my chat with Taylah on Perth’s RTRFM. A dude wrote after “It’s good that you reiterated that schizophrenia is not a full time illness. I remember a Mum who would take me to sporting activities, cook dinner and take us for swimming lessons at the beach.”

Nan Pop Justin swingseat 92

Me & Nan & Pop & Jody, Nan & Pop’s, 1992. Transferred from Kodachrome slide. Shot on self timer. Note: fluro green laces in my Lynx.

A Burnie Rainbow


A Burnie rainbow, seen from Montello Goat Track.
Taken by my good friend Dion.

Ken: Who’s he want to play?
Me: Pearl Jam.
Ken: Who?
Me: Pearl Jam.
Ken: Who?
Me: Pearl…Jam.
Ken: Pearl…Jam. Is it good music or just a bunch of crap?
Nan: Bunch of crap.
Me: Good music! Nigel’ll tell ya.
Nigel: Nah, it’s good music.
Ken: I’m pleased to hear that.

Get Up Mum radio series

Heazlewood highlights pic

Get Up Mum rolls onto ABC’s RN this week. It’s the sound of the story as well as the spirit. The hiss, the static, the atmosphere of love. Ten episodes air weekdays at 9:20am and are available for high speed dubbing from the Life Matters site. There’s also a hearty feature story on the ABC News page. Think of it as The Bedroom Philosopher’s prequel. The Happiest Boy meets Middle Aged Mum.

Adelaide 729AM, Brisbane 792AM, Burnie 94.1FM, Canberra 846AM, Darwin 657AM, Gold Coast 90.1FM, Hobart 585AM, Melbs 621AM, Newcastle 1512AM, Perth 810AM, Sydney 576AM.

Here is a recent interview with ABC Tassie’s Piia Wirsu. It includes a sneak peak from Episode 6 – “Nan and Jupiter.”

SERVING SUGGESTION: Episodes are ideally heard on an AM radio at the prescribed time. Failing this, you can obtain them from computer where they are best in a beanbag, in the dark, in moderation.

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Schizophrenia Awareness Week

Colour wheel

Dude – it’s Schizophrenia Awareness Week. Give this puzzling disorder some colourful contemplation by taking part in this interactive quiz.

  • Look Mum, I’m a soundbite!
  • I wrote a piece all about it for The Big Issue last year.
  • Some good movies about mental illness include Angel Baby, An Angel At My Table, Sweetie, Benny & Joon, Birdman, Donnie Darko, The Fisher King, The Sunnyboy (Australian documentary) & I Never Promised You a Rose Garden (also an excellent book).


  • Perhaps you’re sad that Labes didn’t get in or that Ric Ocasek’s Emotion In Motion isn’t on Spotify. If it’s cos you’re not part of my Ezine cool club, then rectify the premise. Past issues are kickin on this link where you can also subscribe.