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Justin Heazlewood is a rather deft author, performer and professional speaker.
If you’d like to suss his skills then check out his page at << Speaking Out >>






The Get Up Mum theatre show (starring Justin) premiered in Hobart in 2022.
The play is set to tour Burnie & Melbourne in mid 2024!

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Justin Heazlewood is the word wooing musician / author of Get Up Mum (2018) and Funemployed (2014).
In 1980 he was shortlisted for the second prize. He lives in his head.

Get Up Mum radio series Funemployed radio series A map with all the places listed in Orinocho Flow
In 2020 Justin gave a witness statement for the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System. He is an ambassador for Satellite Foundation who support young people caring for a mentally ill parent.
After growing up in Burnie, Tasmania he studied Professional Writing at University of Canberra (1999-2001). He was a journalist for the uni magazine Curio which led to the self-reflective column Being Justin Heazlewood. A similar concept was pitched to Canberra streetpress BMA who ran the column Struth Be Told from 2002-2010. It was notable for Justin’s intimate and humorous musings on all aspects of life as a twenty-something in the bold new millennium. 
Justin is best known as The Bedroom Philosopher after winning the ABC competition Heywire and scoring a regular songwriting segment on Triple J’s Morning Show in 2002. He has released several albums including the ARIA nominated Songs From The 86 Tram (2010) which won the Director’s Choice award at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. In 2012 he self-published The Bedroom Philosopher Diaries which was endorsed by Neil Gaiman. 

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Moving to Melbourne in 2004, Justin became involved with Voiceworks (publishing writers under 25) as a contributor and member of the editorial committee. In 2007 he became a senior writer for Frankie penning regular columns until 2011 alongside Benjamin Law & Mia Timpano. His work has since been published in the Good Weekend, jmag, Smith JournalThe Big Issue
Justin Heazlewood is nothing short of one of Australia’s most versatile and important storytellers. In his journalism and personal essays, Heazlewood demonstrates a remarkable capacity to not only make the reader laugh, but think critically about important issues often poorly discussed, such as mental illness, unemployment and the frailty of human relationships.
Benjamin Law.  
In 2003 Justin began an ezine / newsletter to a devoted mailing list (LapTopping 2003-2012) to promote his music and comedy affairs. After a hiatus he rebooted the ezine as a ‘gazetter’ in 2021 – in conjunction with a focus on his writing:
+   j u s t i n  h e a z l e w o o d ‘ s f u z z y  l o g i c   + 
In 2022 Justin expanded his freelance work and published several feature columns for this site (see: All My Ducks In A Row). He also acted out his life out in a one man theatre adaptation of Get Up Mum which premiered at the Theatre Royal in Hobart. It’s set to tour in 2024 and beyond.




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Lifestyles of the poor and infamous, or, 
an eloquent examination by one of
Australia’s hardest working artists?
You deduce.