Love Your Bookshop / Gado Gado!

I’ll be appearing at Brunswick Bound from 3pm today signing copies of Get Up Mum and generally looking well-read. I may even give away this educational basketball card.
I’m the “lunch” feature in The Age today. I can’t remember what I said because I was hungry. We dined at my favourite Indonesian restaurant Yuni’s Kitchen. (I studied Indonesian in grade 7 and can still sing ten green bottles: “Sepuluh botol hijau, di atas pagar!”) My favourite dish is Gado Gado (a rad salad with peanut sauce, egg, tofu and crunchy bits) – I like to sing it to the tune of ‘G’day G’day’ by Slim Dusty.
Why not kick off Love Your Bookshop Day by revisiting Bjork at her bookish best.
“A good book is the precious distillation of a master spirit, embalmed and preserved for the purpose of achieving a life beyond life – which is why it is, undoubtedly, a necessary commodity.” Florence Green, The Bookshop.
(Mate, I’ve been saying that for years.)